1. Pets

The model by-laws can be amended to reflect the owners corporations desires around the keeping of pets. Take note however, in NSW the Consumer Trade and Tenancy Tribunal takes seriously the requirement for ‘reasonable’ approval of the owners corporation this is part of your by-law.

An actual amendment of the animal model by-law is as follows:

By-law– Keeping of Animals

15.1       An owner or occupier of a Lot must not, without the prior written consent of the Owners Corporation, keep any animal on the Lot or the Common Property. That approval is to be issued for the specific animal the subject of the application.

15.2       The Owners Corporation may not unreasonable withhold its approval of the keeping of one small animal on a Lot or the Common Property.

15.3       An Owner or occupier of a Lot who has been permitted by the Owners Corporation to keep an animal on the Lot or Common Property must;

(a)   keep the animal leashed and under control at all times when on Common Property; and

(b)   Ensure that all excrement and other soiling, whether on the Lot or the Common Property is immediately removed and disposed of appropriately; and

(c)   Ensure that the animal does not disturb other owners or occupiers of a Lot; and

(d)   Acknowledge that the Owners Corporation may withdraw its consent to keep an animal in the event of a breach of By-Law 15.

Similarly, if a visitor wishes to bring a dog into the complex, then an application must also be made to the owners corporation by the resident owner/occupier prior to this happening. All conditions which apply to a resident owning a dog then also applies to visitors who wish to bring a dog into the complex.

In Queensland, they have weight of the pet as a measure - i.e. dogs over 10 kilos

Always keep in mind the owners corporation’s consent 'not to be unreasonably withheld'.