4.2.2 Schedule A1

Lists the duties that absolutely must be carried out under the Strata Schemes Management Act and Property Stock & Business Agents Regulations, 2003 (Schedule 6 Clause 6). Agents elect here as to whether they accept a delegation or otherwise and the ‘Extent of Authority’ of the agent in acting for the owners corporation. There are generally 3 options for each item.

1. Full authority with no limitations

2. No Authority

3. Full Authority Subject to Limitations as Disclosed in Schedule A2

Relevant NSW Legislation: The Property, Stock and Business Agents Act (2002)

Schedule 6 Clause 6: Confirmation of specific instructions-strata manager or community strata manager

(1) Before or at the time of entering into an agency agreement under which the agent will exercise the functions of a strata manager or community strata manager, the agent must prepare for inclusion in the agency agreement written confirmation of the extent of the agent’s authority to undertake the following duties in connection with the exercise of those functions and any limitations on the agent’s authority to undertake those duties:

a)     undertaking the financial management of funds and books of account,

b)     holding documents and maintaining records relating to the scheme (for example, the strata roll, notices, and minutes of meetings),

c)     arranging building inspections and reports,

d)     effecting repairs to and maintaining common property or engaging appropriately qualified tradespersons to do so and limitations on expenditure that may be incurred by the agent without obtaining the principal’s approval,

e)     paying disbursements and expenses incurred in connection with the agent’s management of the scheme,

f)      arranging insurance cover for the scheme,

g)     serving notices to comply with a by-law,

h)     managing the capital works fund and the administrative fund,

i)      undertaking steps necessary to recover any money owing in relation to levies,

j)      representing the owners corporation or community association in tribunal or court proceedings,

k)     paying accounts in relation to the scheme (for example, water charges, council rates and maintenance),

     i)      arranging and undertaking administrative duties in relation to annual general meetings and other general meetings.