This material has been prepared partly funded from the NSW Office of Fair Trading. 

Updated in 2019 by Reena Van Aalst from Strata Central.

This topic continually receives enthusiastic responses in the Owners Corporation Network of Australia’s interaction with its members and the public. There is a big thirst for detailed information that can help individuals in their procurement, interactions and issues with their key service providers.

A good strata manager can be your most trusted advisor and worth their weight in gold. However a poor one can be a drain on your time and energy, an expensive waste of money and at worst, a legal liability. It’s therefore vital that you approach the task of contracting and working with your strata manager with care and diligence. Not all owners corporations engage a strata manager especially smaller schemes. The executive committee needs to consider if they are willing to pay a strata manager for their assistance. If not the executive committee will have to achieve the statutory requirements themselves.

We will firstly cover the role of the strata manager and how the committee can work most effectively with them. Next we will cover a tender process for appointing a strata manager. We will then provide a guide to understanding and negotiating a standard strata management contract.