2. Value of a front desk reception

Situation:A large strata building was paying for 45 hours per week of maintenance / caretaker duties plus 15 hours of building management. The staff based themselves in a make shift office hidden behind a beautiful but unused reception area (the building used to be a hotel and converted to residential years earlier). The 15 hours of building management attendance currently overlapped with the caretaker duties and there were no logs or records of time-in or activities done. An external consultant was hired to review the situation and proposed staff get uniforms, move to the reception area and make the 45 plus 15 paid hours concurrent versus overlapping thereby increasing weekly coverage by 15 hours?

Outcome:The committee and the building manager agreed to move the office and staff into the open receptions area and to extend the coverage buy 15 hour per week. The old office was refurbished very cheaply and turned into a meeting room. The reception area does not now look like is abandoned, the staff are well dressed, much happier feel secure and get to regularly interact with residents. Residents are happier as they have a visible and active reception area, and with the extra 15 hours the busy return from work time between 5pm and 7pm is now covered. Significant improvements in amenity and value for little extra money!