4.17 Communicating effectively with owners

There are many opportunities to communicate and report to owners. But why is it important? Every owner has significant capital invested, so all should be informed and communicated with equally. Also you will find that if you communicate effectively with you owners your job will be much easier as owners will feel they are in the loop and considered important. The sort of things you can report are your executive committee’s achievements and progress on key initiatives, upcoming plans, financial situation, unexpected disruptions or situations. Explaining any confusing or controversial issues is also well worthwhile. There are a range of reporting tools that can be used to keep owners informed.

  • Regular newsletter– many executive committees send out a regular newsletter or address to owners and residents. This can be a useful way of informing owners of key initiatives and building matters in more layman language than the executive committee minutes.
  • Chair / secretary / treasurer address– An annual update or report but one or all of these members is often sent out with the annual general meeting agenda.
  • Executive committee and general meetings agendas– can include a commentary about specific motions.
  • Executive committee and general meeting minutes– These can be very informative if done well.
  • Direct email– if you have the emails and the permission to use them.
  • Building notices– these can be very efficient and useful ways of communicating the day-to-day issues that residents may need to be aware of. They can be put into letter boxes, or posted up at the entrance or in lifts.
  • Direct to individual owners– when appropriate.
  • Campaign literature– for executive committee nominations or other motions.
  • Specific initiatives– report on plans and progress, ask for assistance or opinions.
  • Web site– either specifically designed for your scheme or as a part of a service offered by your strata manager.