3.4.5 How many members on your executive committee?

At the annual general meeting executive committee voting process, nominations for the executive committee will first be tabled. If a nomination is seconded it has to be accepted and included in the vote. Then a vote is taken as to the number of executive committee member places. In NSW there are a maximum number of nine executive committee places. There are a number of different viewpoints on the answer to this question. Some are listed below:

  • The more the merrier and lets share the load.
  • Having members who may not attend meetings will mean a regular lack of a quorum (minimum of half attending).
  • We want an odd number of executive committee members so that we can resolve issues by a vote if need be.
  • We only want those whom we have pre-arranged to nominate and serve. No surprises.
  • We know each other and are a coherent team – we don’t want any more unless we know who they are and what they represent and can bring to the table.
  • We want to pre-fill all nine spots so no-one unknown will unexpectedly nominate and be upset that we knock them back.
  • We want a small number of trusted members who all share the same vision.
  • We want as wide a mix and number of skills and opinions as possible.

What viewpoint you agree with will depend on the history of the scheme, the leadership of past executive committees and the available nominees. Your answers may change over time.

Relevant NSW Legislation: Strata Schemes Management Act (1996)

Section 108 (3) (h) 108 Inspection of records of owners corporation


Relevant NSW Legislation: The Strata Schemes Management Regulation (2010)

Part 5 – Election of executive committee of owners corporation

Schedule 1 Fees 9: For making records available for inspection under section 108 of the Act