1 What is an executive committee?

“The owners corporation must elect an executive committee which can make many of the day-to-day decisions about running the scheme on its behalf” [Strata living: What you need to know about living in your strata community (July 2011 FT045). NSW Office of Fair Trading, pg 11].

All owners are part of the collective body called the owners corporation. For strata schemes with a small number of lots, it’s generally not practical or efficient to have all owners participate in all the decision making processes required to manage the strata. Many routine, mundane and relatively insubstantial issues and decisions are best left to a smaller representative ‘executive committee’ to review and decide upon. An owners corporation elects an executive committee each year at the annual general meeting. The maximum number of members of this executive committee is nine in NSW. Inclined owners can then bring their issues and opinions to the executive committee. Large or important issues may need to be brought to the attention of all owners (i.e. the owners corporation) at a general meeting for approval and direction. These 'elected owners' generally liaise closely with the appointed strata managerand any building manager and together they work as a team to ensure the smooth running of the scheme.

  • All owners are part of the collective body called the owners corporation (in NSW – in other states it is called the body corporate)

  • The owners corporation elects the executive committee

  • Individual owners can bring issues to the executive committee or to the owners corporation

Relevant NSW Legislation: Strata Schemes Management Act (1996)

Section 8: Who manages a strata scheme?

Section 9: Who else may be involved in managing a strata scheme?

Section 16: Owners corporation to appoint executive committee

Schedule 3, Part 1: Provisions relating to constitution of executive committee

The rest of this document addresses some common questions that owners and executive committee members may have.

Why is the executive committee important?

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Selecting your executive committee

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Serving on an executive committee

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Some key executive committee responsibilities

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Some typical choices facing executive committees and owners corporations

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