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Organisational Charter


“OCN is an organisation of apartment owners helping owners”


The Owners Corporation Network of Australia Ltd (OCN) is the peak body representing the interests of residential strata title, community title and company title owners and occupiers.  OCN is funded by membership fees and sponsorship.  OCN members are all owners in residential or mixed schemes and have a common interest in the challenges and issues associated with living and investing in apartments and townhouses.


OCN’s mission is to represent and protect the interests and rights of present and future owners and occupiers in predominantly residential strata and community title schemes; to improve the experience of home ownership and living in such schemes; and to improve the governance and management of such schemes. 


OCN’s vision for creating a better future in residential strata and community living and ownership aims to achieve the following:

  • owners and the broader community having a better understanding of the nature and responsibilities of owning and living in such schemes;
  • an urban environment consisting of residential buildings with a range of quality and cost;
  • a realistic expectation that residential strata buildings offered to the public have been constructed essentially free from defects and that owners will be protected by warranties and insurances for a period representing fairness to the owners;
  • clear and accessible legislation that allows schemes of varying sizes and types to operate efficiently and effectively by providing organisational and operational templates appropriate to the scheme;
  • effective dispute resolution and support frameworks with reduced associated administrative costs;
  • public perception that strata and community schemes represent an essentially safe, predictable and attractive form of home ownership.

We consider the extent of progress towards these objectives the measure of OCN’s success and effectiveness.


  • In working towards the above objectives, OCN will undertake various activities including:
    • Raising public awareness of the benefits and issues associated with strata and community ownership and community living, and disseminating relevant and helpful information;
    • Providing and facilitating discussion forums for owners and owners corporations whereby experience is shared and ideas are exchanged;
    • Maintaining a database of information relating to strata and community living, management and governance;
    • Advocating for necessary changes to government policy and legislation;
    • Developing the organisational strategies and implementing the action plans whereby OCN’s mission, vision and objectives are to be achieved.

Through these activities OCN aims to deliver benefits to its members, stakeholders and the broader community. 


  • Information published by OCN members through OCN website discussion forums does not represent legal advice and does not necessarily represent OCN’s view or carry OCN endorsement.
  • OCN will not involve itself in individual disputes in schemes.

What Members Say

"The whole strata community owes a huge debt of gratitude to you and the OCN executive. Much appreciated."

Robert, Darlinghurst

"I am very pleased with my membership of OCN, the discussions through sharing emails is very valuable in increasing my knowledge of strata living, the laws and EC responsibilities. I think I am better armed to tread the minefield of the managing agent responsibilities and the necessary action of the EC to monitor the contradictory interests of the agent."

Jim, Wollstonecraft

"I so appreciate being part of the OCN email forum. It provides a great opportunity for sharing ideas and learning"

Ingrid, Neutral Bay

"I must say that I have enjoyed and found consolation in the discussions that have been part of the email chain (forum). I did attend one general meeting and found that it was informative and the people "running the show" were knowledgeable and dedicated to the tasks that had taken on. In short, well done. You and the committee have and continue to support the Strata Community in a very professional manner."

Greg, Parramatta

"Nothing is easy in Strata World and we have been in building defects “mode” for some years – hopefully almost at an end but that process has been most demanding and difficult but again – greatly helped by the experience and wise counsel of other members of OCN."

Pat, St Leonards

"Keep up the good work, as many (if not most) strata schemes need your help, advice and representation at all levels of government."

Jann and John, St Ives

"I belong to OCN because of its professionalism.  I have found the meetings I have been to extremely well presented, to the point, and of course very topical and informative. Speakers on the whole certainly know their topic.  My role of Secretary last year was certainly assisted with the coverage regarding TPG & other subjects. Member newsletters are also of benefit as the topics are specific to strata matters."

Graham, East Balmain

I have enjoyed attending the quarterly OCN meetings and the exchange of emails between other Executive Committee Members and think OCN is playing an increasingly important role as a voice for strata dwellers and representing us at Government level. I wish the organisation continuing success in the future."

Pauline, Kings Cross

"The [forum] response to my question was amazing and really useful.  The OCN community is wonderful so thanks."

Jenny, Killara

"I would like to thank you all for the important effort that you are all putting in to look after apartment owners and tenants. It is so valuable and you are heroes. I would not have been able to deal with my duties as a strata chairman without your advice and assistance." 

Angela, Mascot

"The OCN is invaluable – many thanks."

Bill, Surry Hills

"OCN is proving invaluable"

Sue, Neutral Bay

"Thanks to all at OCN for your continuing efforts to keep us up to date with current strata information and has been very helpful to us"

Kate, Coogee

"When my wife & I first encountered a problematic Executive Committee I heard that OCN was a great help (from a Strata manager whom I knew) so we both joined and have gratefully used the on-line information sources. We continued to happily rely on OCN’s assistance when we progressed to Committee status & later as Chair & Secretary of our Committee. I still use OCN in my current role as Treasurer."

Peter, Chiswick

"Thanks to OCN for being such a rich resource of trustworthy information about strata matters."

Peter, Chiswick

"I wanted to extend my personal thanks for the very informative & interesting event today. The OCN team did an outstanding job in the organisation of this event & I enjoyed it thoroughly. The quality of speakers, the flow of conversation & interaction from the attendees - first class …& of course, the amazing Jimmy T - always a delight."

Sue, Epping

"OCN does a great job in providing a really valuable service to Strata owners."

Lois, Wollongong

"I am sure my appreciation of your good works is echoed by many in the Stratasphere. Keep up the good work."

John, Elizabeth Bay

"The OCN is probably one of the best, most informed and most informative groups I have been involved with."

Alan, Maryville

"Once again, being able to discuss such things through this forum, helps clear the mind, puts things into perspective and helps one to understand their rights and to form a strategy if needs be. As a simple EC member trying to do what is in the best interests of lot owners, I truly value OCN and am grateful."

Pamela, Point Lookout