26 Jul 2017 Newcastle Herald   Push for audit of cladding on Newcastle buildings TIM CONNELL 26 Jul 2017, 7 a.m. WARNING: Fire races through the Lacrosse building in Melbourne's Docklands in 2014.  
Strata Topics : defects, fire safety, media, OCN, safety
19 Jul 2017 Sydney Morning Herald JULY 19 2017 Eryk Bagshaw   Thousands of low-rise Australian apartment blocks at risk of Grenfell-style fire, Senate inquiry warned     Warnings have been issued about Australia's lax building laws and the risk of a Grenfell style fire happening here, during a Senate inquiry into non-compliant cladding.
19 Jul 2017 The Daily Telegraph   Insurance costs rise due to dodgy building materials NATASHA BITA, NATIONAL AFFAIRS WRITER, The Daily Telegraph July 19, 2017 12:00am    

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